Healthy Living


Seventh-day Adventists have been promoting healthy living for over 150 years. One of the founders of our church, Ellen White write extensively about health. J.H. Kellogg (of breakfast cereal fame) helped establish pioneering health facilities during the early days of our church history.

We are proud to continue this legacy. Our church officially promotes a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle that is non-smoking, no-alcohol, no-drugs and with plenty of exercise. The extent to which members follow this does vary, although all Adventists avoid alcohol, tobacco, drugs and unhealthy meats as described in the Bible.

Those who follow the full Bible diet guidance live on average 10 years longer than the general population, and have lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia.


A personal testimony

Our very own Pastor Alan Hart used to take 8 medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart protection and gout. He ate the average UK diet, barring not eating Pork and Shellfish. He attended a church-run program along with his own members. The health principles he learnt have changed his life. He dropped several clothes sizes with the excess weight he lost. His blood pressure and cholesterol normalised. With guidance from his own (rather amazed) GP, he is now off all 8 medications! He attributes the changes to simply living life more the way God intends us to. He has more energy and health now than in years.

Ps Hart healthy

His health transformation was recently published in our UK-wide church magazine ‘Messenger’ read more for your self below:


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